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Richieworld's Best Themes.

ORWELL'S 1984  - The Grade, July 5, 2000.

Free Graphics Perfection Award.

Doctors' Choice Award.

THE CULT - LOVE  - Doctors' Choice, July 15, 2000.

MMSeekers Creative Award.

Richieworld's Best Themes.

ROMAN EMPIRE  - The Grade, July 17, 2000.

Richieworld's Best Themes.

DONALD DUCK  - The Grade, July 19, 2000.


THE CURE - DISINTEGRATION  - Theme of the Day, July 23, 2000.

Peace Work Silver Certified Site.

"Your site is attractive, has interesting content,and navigates easily. Your hours of design and research have not been in vain. Our judges are graphic designers and web designers. That in itself tells folks a lot about your site."

Comedy Zone Cool Site Bronze Award.

Private Eye Excellence Award.

"You have obviously worked hard on your location as we considered it in the top 5% of all sites reviewed by our three member panel of judges"

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