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AS ROMA  - Theme of the Day, October 23, 1999.

Reymad Studios Award '99.

3D works included in the Five Stars Gallery.

Digital Artworks Award.

3D works included in the gallery for the best artworks submitted to the Site.

Theme Site of the Day.

November 21, 1999 - Average site.


November 27, 1999 Weekly Digest - site selected.

3D Grafix Award.

Artists in Exhibition, best submitted artworks.

Quality Web Site.

Web Design Award.

"You've just made it to be a 'Real Artist at Work', for the real original design work you've done. We just visited your fine pages...and they look great! We really liked your your main page and the great info! Keep up the good work."

3D Total Excellence Image Award. 

"I am impressed and would like to include your images in the total gallery."


THE CULT: LOVE  -Theme of the Day, November 29, 1999.

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