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You are welcome if you are thinking to exchange a link with NERO from your Web site. 
NERO enforces the following policy regarding links to his web pages and graphic files.

All graphic related sites are welcome to link to the NERO page, however, a reciprocal link is not always guaranteed.

Reciprocal buttons may be exchanged with other web sites after being reviewed by NERO. 

Once your link has been accepted you may submit a link button (88x31) to be placed in the Links page; In return, the NERO link must be placed on a similar page at your site. 
Please notify NERO of your link once it is live.

You may not
- Modify the contents of the pages linked to in any way, without permission;
- Link to indiviual images or applets (using <A HREF ...> or <IMG SRC ...>); 
- Make the impression that the NERO site is part of your own web site;
- Make the impression that your web site is a part of the NERO site (by using the logo or use text such that the viewer would get such a impression); 
- Send any unsolicited mail (mail to people who has not signed up to a mailing list) which includes the address of any resources on the NERO site. 

This policy may be changed at any time without notice.

Thanks, NERO.